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The Study Of News Translation Based On Andre Lefevere's Translation Theory

Posted on:2008-01-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2155360212488377Subject:English Language and Literature
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Nowadays it is hard to imagine what human life will be like without news. With the globalization coming, information becomes more and more important. This is true of news translation which is a part of news report. However, it has not been given enough attention to it should be given. And most of the study in news translation only deals with its linguistic aspect and the distinctive features of news. There are many opportunities to find articles and books dealing with how to translate news titles, leads and discourses, how to translate the news neologism and how to translate news styles, for instance, news reporting, features and editorials. But few of them concern the cultural aspect of news translation and needless to say the ideological impacts on news translation.Actually, translation is not made in a vacuum, but it is strongly influenced and manipulated by the target culture (王晓元, 1999). Apart from the influence of the linguistic elements, it is also to a certain extent decided by non-linguistic elements such as culture including ideology which is one of the most influential non-linguistic elements. That is to say, for the same piece of news, translators with different ideologies may probably make different translations.News is a special kind of discourse which attracts a lot of attention of the public everyday. News media, usually regarded as the mouthpiece of government or social groups, are important channels of consolidating the dominant ideology. So there is intrinsic relationship between news and ideology. The thesis makes an initial exploration on the impacts of ideology on news translation and focuses all the attention on exploring the relation between news translation and ideology and the appropriate translation methods accordingly.Based on Andrew Lefevere's theory about ideology and patronage, the paper illustrates the essential relationship between ideology and news translation and thus demonstrates that their closely-tied relationship determines that news translation be influenced by various forms of ideologies. Generally speaking, any news translation is made under the manipulation of ideology consciously or unconsciously.In practice, the role ideology playing in news translation is mainly shown in two choices made by news translator: selection of source news and selection of news translation methods. During the course of choosing what to translate, news translator should take appropriate ideological standpoint in accordance with that held by news media on which s/he will publish his or her translation. After choosing what to translate, news translator should employ proper translation methods to deal with ideological contents in source news. In the fourth chapter, four frequently-used translation methods are discussed: editing, abridging, translation with comments and condensed translation.
Keywords/Search Tags:news translation, Andre Levefere's Theory, choices, translation methods
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