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A Cultural Approach To Translation Methods Of Terms

Posted on:2007-09-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2155360212973336Subject:English Language and Literature
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In any language of this world, there are a large number of terms. They have become an interesting topic of discussion by so many people and a topic for research by many scholars. Terms have close relationship with people, especially the names of books, films and trademarks. The rise and fall of translation theory depends on the degree the practice needs. With the deepening of translation studies, people began to draw their attention to the translation of terms and proper names. However, most translation researches are probing into such subjects as"how should translation be"or"what can translation do"etc., which are usually ideal standards. They didn't make thorough analysis or research on what the translators are doing, how they are conducting translation, and what exactly the process of translation is. In practice, although translators have been working hard on this, people are still wondering about"how"and"why". And this is what this paper works hard at——through the analysis of each kind of proper names (their characteristics and different translation purposes, relevant translation methods and their cultural impact), it attempts to tackle the issues of"how to translate"and"why to use this method"from the perspective of culture, so as to find a universal way of translating.This paper aims to research into the mutual impact between translation of terms and culture. Taking names of books, films and trademarks as examples, this paper analyzes the translation principles and standards from the angle of culture, and the translation methods chosen according to these principles and standards, followed by a quantitative study of translation methods of terms. This quantitative study is mainly a description of the frequency of methods each category of translation of terms chooses, the preference of each method, and a comparison of the translation methods these three categories use. Through the description of the translation of terms, it can be found that certain translation methods are preferred in translation of certain kind of terms, and the preference is influenced by culture to a certain degree. Based on this study, it illustrates the mutual impact culture and translation methods upon each other. It is culture that influences the choice of translation strategy, and reciprocally, target language translated by...
Keywords/Search Tags:translation of terms, translation methods, culture
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