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Expatiation And Comments On Wuzhihui's Thoughts Of Saving The Nation By Education

Posted on:2008-05-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Wu zhihui is a historical figure in Chinese modern history who receives quite different judgement. He is not only a political figure, but also a thinker of anarchism. He proposes"the thoughts of Saving the Nation by Education"and carries out some pioneering activities under the guidance of the thoughts, which produces a great impract on future generations. This thesis aims at analyzing Wu Zhihui's thoughts"Saving the Nation by Education"from the following aspects.First, this thesis explores the origins of Wu Zhihui's thoughts"Saving the Nation by Education". The poverty in his childhood, his pure patriotism, the overseas study experience, especially during the exile from England to France after the event of"Su Report", makes him deeply influnced by the thoughts of anarchists like Kropotkin. Combining those thoughts with actual conditions of China at that time, Wu Zhihui forms his own thought of anarchism with Chinese characteristics. Among them, the theory of"Education Saves the Nation"plays the most important part.Second, it discusses the ideological premise of Wu Zhihui's Thoughts"Saving the Nation by Education"In order to create a new environment for what he advocates--"Saving the Nation by Education", Wu condemns both in speech and in writing. Politically, he proestes against the autocratic government of Man dynasty. Culturally, he developes the Confucious Cultural Revolution and opposes the quintessence of Chinese culture. Ideologically, he protests against superstition and religion. Those advocations and promotional activities can help liberate people from the shackles of feudal ideas and thus help him clear away the obstacles in developing the educational thoughts which he advocates.Third, it explores the contents of the thoughts"Saving the Nation by Education". Wu believes the contents of education should include both moral education and science education. He advocates through the wide spread of moral and science education to make the country strong and realize anarchism.Fourth, it discusses Wu's means to realize his thoughts"Saving the Nation by Education". To spread education among the poor people, he vows to adhere to the Chinese reform movement with all his life. He trains a large number of urgent needed high-tech talents for modern China, especially during the course when Li Shi and he creatively launch a movement of work-study program in France and initiate the Overseas Chinese University. Those achievements leave him a glorious page in China's educational history.Finally, it discusses the comments of Wu's thoughts"Saving the Nation by Education". On the one hand, in the society flooded with feudal autocratic thoughts and superstition, Wu's edcational thoughts play an important role in shaking the root of feudal autocratic government and education. It also strengthens the trends of science educatin and promotes the movement of universal education, and so on. On the other hand, he exaggerates education's role and function, which brings certain negative impact to the society. Thus, it casts a shadow over the theory of"Saving the Nation by Education"and could never be wiped out.
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