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Research On Artistic Style Of Purple Pottery Pot Of Gu Jingzhou

Posted on:2008-02-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Gu Jingzhou is another famous artist in making purple pottery pot after Shi Dabin, Chen Mingyuan, Shao Daheng who are in Ming and Qing dynasty. For his splendid performance, people regarded Gu Jingzhou as the leading scholar. In 60 years, he made a large number of top rank purple potteries by his exquisite technique and the spirit of never giving up until making the best product. These products are simple, but not lack of elegant; ancient, but not lack of modern. He has profound culture in literature and art. He has collected information of over 500 years'history about the purple pottery pot through his learned knowledge and careful certification. He is also familiar with pottery techniques, so he always has original idea about history's research and appreciation of purple pottery, as well as he has original idea about which dynasty these craftworks belong to which are passed from former times. He is accomplished in the flow of making variety of pots, and he is adept at t imitating the old ones and creating the new ones, so the pots made of him are out of custom, simple and elegant. By his peculiar personality charm and strict normal education, a group of people has developed into the excellent artist. The famous drawer Yaming has ever given an evaluation to Gu Jingzhou that the purple pot is generated from Ming's Zhengde, and up to now it has more than 500 years. The top rank makers are about 10, and my old brother Jingzhou is certainly the contemporary top one. From his pots, you can see China's philosophical spirit, literary breath, and drawing verve."His purple pottery pots has both strong artistic style and vivid times'character; has both high artistic quality and the people's popular tastes, just like so-called"suit both refined and popular tastes", so these products are deeply loved by people. His creative idea that based on traditional technique, merging modern times'verve, and then turn into his own language and applies to creative practice has creative and profound influence to today and aftertime's purple pottery pot product.It seems a certainty that Gu Jingzhou's most important artistic achievements has long been attributed to his research and creativity to purple pottery by people for a long time. However with the further research of Gu Jingzhou's purple pottery pots, we found his products to more extent embody the artistic quality of China's vessel sculpture, which embodies a patriotic and democratic artist's existing and developing ideology in his heartThis article takes Gu Jingzhou's purple pottery pots'produce as research object, and begins at the analysis of his products, regards the vessel sculpture as a view point, makes a detailed analysis to Gu's purple pottery pot's artistic quality from the following aspects: the quality of China's plastic arts, the productive idea, the productive techniques, the representative form, the aesthetic character. This article also makes a detailed analysis to peculiar artistic representative form of Gu Jingzhou's purple pottery pots in a bid to get valuable experience from purple pottery pots production's artistic roads and to give the field of pottery and Gu Jingzhou's researchers reference. This article holds the opinion that Gu Jingzhou's splendid achievements are closely related in his abundant culture knowledge and his persistence to inheritance and innovativeness in producing. His produces are based on Chinese traditional culture spirit, referenced on traditional folk producing pots technique, inherited"artistic quality", injected into"creativity", and at the same time taken practicality into account, thus these products has both practicality and beauty. He has made the development of purple pottery's plastic arts a big step, and gave successful model to posterities.
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