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Comment On The Idea Of Asthetic Culture In A Dream Of Red Mansions

Posted on:2008-01-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Y ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2155360242473502Subject:Literature and art
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A Dream of Red Mansions is an encyclopedia of social life and a comprehensive treasury of traditional culture as well.In this novel,the poetry and folks,music and painting,Chinese opera and dramas,landscape architecture and raiment culture,even the couplet,Buddhist's chant,riddles and Drinkers' wager language,all of which are the marks of Cao Xueqin's comprehensive capacities in art and extensive accomplishment in culture.Aesthetic cultural ideas closely relative to aesthetics and design artistry in A Dream of Red Mansions mainly conclude the followings:the painting theories and painting art; the raiment culture idea and the aesthetic idea of landscape art,etc.In general,the various classes of traditional art interact and share with each other.In view of this,the essay,following the methodology of aesthetics,literary art and fine arts,closely related to the text of the novel,bases on the combination of documents,text,cultural research. Furthermore,the novel is examined in several aspects,including the aesthetic culture and art aesthetics.The historical documents and textual materials are also criticized in the essay,aiming to improve its preciseness and reliability.The essay includes the three chapters as followings:Chapter 1 The painting theories and painting art in A dream of red mansionsCao Xueqin has single- eyed incisive understanding towards drawing art,and in terms of theory,he has formed a complete system of a whole set of drawing commentary art view with specified aesthetic taste,including drawing talented person view,conception of nature,conception of the body and spirit and conception of style, which constitutes his complete drawing commentary ideas in a traditional way and also in an outstanding way.He skillfully blends traditional drawing theory,picture composition,color,drawing skill with novel creation,which adds a lot more poetic conceptions and picture charming to that novel.Thus a character would be vividly formed.Chapter 2 The idea of raiment culture in A dream of red mansionsIn A Dream of Red Mansions,Cao Xueqin has fully exerted the vision effect of the raiment art and its deep cultural connotation.He cutely seized the tone of red and green color,and artificially matched all the red and green colors in the red mansion to discover the potentiality and plentiful connotation of the various clothing and their colors.In this way,different clothing and colors not only convey its specified symbol meaning,but perfectly corresponding with the people's statures,social rank and characteristics.Chapter3 The ideas of Landscape Art Aesthetics in A Dream of Red MansionsThe Grand View Garden in A Dream of Red Mansions has reappeared a royal garden at the prime time of Chinese gardening construction in the early Qing dynasty, which has fully exposed the theory,art and method of gardening construction during the Ming dynasty and Qing dynasty,expressing Cao Xueqin's outstanding aesthetic idea of gardening art,and deeply conveyed the human spirit in term of landscape art and ancient room furnishing.
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