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Studies On Ideals Of "People-Oriented" In The Vision Of Scientific Development View

Posted on:2009-11-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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We must always put people first, establish a comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development concept, and promote overall development of economic society and human. This is the Scientific Concept of Development raised in the Third Plenum of the 16th National Party Congress. Under the guidance of Scientific Concept of Development, China's economic and social development has begun and will continue to step into the comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development track. In this process, the establishment and implementation of the scientific concept of development has become increasingly welcome by the people, and has motivated the whole Party to take self-conscious actions. It is no exaggeration to say that the scientific concept of development has become a modern theory of China's social development.The connotation of the scientific concept of development is extremely rich, involving economic, political, cultural and other fields. It mainly includes: Development is the prime meaning of the scientific concept of development; the people-oriented thinking is the essence of the scientific concept of development; overall, coordinated, sustainable development is the basic requirements of the scientific concept of development; the overall planning is the fundamental way of the scientific concept of development. However, these aspects are not isolated: On the one hand,the adherence to the people-oriented thinking requires the comprehensiveness, coordination and sustainability in development. The people-oriented thinking can not go without any of them. On the other hand, the comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of the economic society, as well as the five overall requirements has created a good environment and conditions for the people's comprehensive development. In the final analysis, all of the above is for the sake of people. Therefore, the people-oriented thinking serves as a red line that runs through the whole concept of development, and as the core idea of scientific concept of development. This thought is not groundless. It has profound source of theoretical and practical basis. On Theoretical level, the Chinese traditional people-oriented thinking sprouted in Yinzhou, formed in the period of Spring and Autumn, developed during Han and Tang Dynasties, matured in Ming and Qing Dynasties, and has passed on for thousands of years, really very historical. The regard of people as the purpose, the thought about people, the emphasis on human's values, status and dignity in Western's people oriented ideology, has provided a useful reference. Besides, Marxism's thoughts about human, which have made a far-reaching impact on it, include human's prior status, the profound essence of human, the overall and free development of human as the highest guidance, etc. In the recent 50 years, the foreign theory of development shifted from the traditional concept of development of pure pursuit of GDP growth to the new people-oriented scientific concept of development. And they pay more attention to the harmonious and unity of economic, social and human development. And this is also a source of theory that we cannot ignore. On practical level, on the one hand, knowledge has become the main driving force of economic growth, science and technology has been the primary productive forces, human's intelligence and creation has become a leading force in the development of the entire society in the era knowledge economy. Under this circumstance,"People-oriented idea" will inevitably be advocated; on the other hand, in the process of reform and opening up, and the construction of socialist marketing economic system, we had paid a lot in dealing with the relationships between human and nature, human and society. On the profound reflection of this cost, the issues about people's survival and development have gained unprecedented attention, which is also the profound cause of people-oriented idea. Last but not least, people are the reliable guarantee in building a comprehensive well-off society. And the people-oriented thinking is the premise to promote the comprehensive development of people. Therefore, comprehensively building a well-off and harmonious society is bound to put people first. However, we should see that in the new historical conditions, people-oriented thinking of the scientific concept of development has been given rich content of the times, so it certainly has different connotations compared with the previous people-oriented thinking. As a result, in this essay, the author will focus on discussing the basic connotations of people-oriented thinking of the scientific concept of development and summarizing its characteristics, which is also the difficult point of the topic. According to the author, the basic connotations should include: Firstly, development is for the sake of people. In other words, we should adhere to a comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development as the most important task for the people's interest and achieving people's comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development. Moreover, we should adhere to the fundamental method of overall planning in realizing people-oriented scientific concept of development. Secondly, development should rely on people. That is, first, we must respect the people's principal status in history; fully stimulate people's activeness in supporting and participating in the development; second, we should improve the quality of the broad masses of people and establish the scientific concept of talents. Thirdly, people will share the achievement of development together. On how to distribute the fruits of development, the scientific concept of development adhere that people should share together the achievement of development in all aspects, which reflects the improvement of people's quality of life and standard of health, the increasing improvement of people's ideological and moral quality and scientific and cultural quality, and the sufficient insurance of people's economic, political, cultural, and social rights and interests of all sides. The achievements of development should benefit the broad masses of people. Through the discussion about the basic connotations, the author summarize that people-oriented thinking of scientific concept of development has three characteristics: inherited, dialectical, and practical.The practice of development requires guidance of the theory of development. A certain development concept reflects a spirit of the times, practice rationality and value orientation, leads the development trend of a nation, and produces profound influence on social development. The scientific concept of development has become an important component of the theory of constructing socialism with Chinese characteristics. The conduction and implementation the people-oriented thinking will firstly be beneficial for China to avoid making mistakes in social development, to better implement the scientific concept of development; secondly, be beneficial to promote the overall construction of a well-off and harmonious society; thirdly, be beneficial to strengthen the party's ruling capabilities and advancement of construction and consolidate the party's ruling status. Therefore, adhering to the scientific concept of development in its essence as the "people-oriented" ideology, has its significant contemporary values.
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