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On The Aesthetic Characteristics Of The Virtual Arts

Posted on:2010-10-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:P H LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2155360275452539Subject:Literature and art
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Virtual art is a new artistic form and representation,which is integrated by digital media technology and art.This new representation subverts the way of traditional representation,and then representation crisis arises.In the virtual world,traditional truth and things themselves does not exist, and they have formed without content,everything goes and lives in seclusion.Virtual reality shatters the boundaries of truth and false,and produces a real falseness and false truth.As a result of the use of multi-media,the creative ways of virtual art and its manifestations have changed.Aesthetic sense is also changing.The aesthetic of virtual art is simulacra's symbol aesthetic. This aesthetic way changes the original aesthetic relationship between subject and the world.Not only the authenticity of art and reality loses the recognition,but also the aesthetic relationship between subjects and reality is obstructed,obstructing the aesthetic relationship between subject and reality,integrating subject with object.Compared with traditional art,the unprecedented change in both the survival mode of the media and the text and the relationship between authors and readers has taken place,which makes virtual art have its own unique aesthetic characteristics.Virtual art can create a full immersion aesthetic perception.People fully integrate themselves into virtual reality and forget real reality.In the virtual world,people can perceive the objects that are thousands of miles away from them without going out due to the appearance of virtual art.Through distance appearance,people can gain the feeling of real existence.Virtual art is about communications that terminates the time aesthetics of traditional art and opens up online interaction poetics.Virtual art's presence is a virtual presence.In the virtual world,subjects have been weakened and subjects and Others' coexistence is only a symbol existence.Every time virtual subjects' meeting is symbol encounter.Because of this virtual absence,moral subjects in virtual community haven't a clear definition.In order to pursue aesthetic pleasure,people's desire continuously expands which result in art ethical crisis.When talking about the pleasure that virtual art brings to us,we have to care for the missing bit of humanity and ethical issues.
Keywords/Search Tags:virtual art, hyper-real, immersion, desire carnival
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