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The Second-degree Code/Decoding Of National Culture Symbols In Cross-cultural Movies

Posted on:2010-03-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In the era of global consumption of the 21st century,Human is faced with an unprecedented era of great images where image of consumptions, consumer attitudes, consumer products develop rapidly. One of the most outstanding characteristics, the main visual image of images which belongs to video consumption, becomes a common cultural feast, such as fast food culture. We can find virtual images everywhere, from theme park to advertising, from online game to film, as one said,"images of daily life in this era of resources, as a symbol of the people could not escape the follow-up, the ceremony has become our culture."Film, since the time when it was created, for its special characteristics of the audio and video recording acted as a special cultural transmission media. Globalization and localization of the film is a cross-cultural transmission of the performance of a second form of codec, this article based on the film theory about symbols stands from a theoretical point of view of history to resolve cultural symbols in the film version of the codec and thus leads to the second codec in the process of intercultural communication in a form; The cross-cultural film version,Kung Fu Panda ,is a starting point. Here, I have the second-degree code/decoding limited to the use of the concept of cultural production and cultural aspects of consumption which analyses the face of foreign cultural integration and the creation of the film version of the concept, but the concept has its universal nature, which means that with the transfer and integration of other cultures. Second codec can usually be applied to cultural adaptation, cultural assimilation and cross-cultural dissemination. The main body of the second codec can be both a strong culture, culture can also be vulnerable.
Keywords/Search Tags:national culture symbols, intercultural communication, the second-degree code/decoding
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