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The Inheriting And Innovation Of Erhu Composition In First Session Of "Shanghai Spring"

Posted on:2010-08-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The 1960s is a very important period of Chinese music development. In this period, various of race musical instrument's independent status has strengthened with the style and Technique enriched consumedly At the same time, the combination form between different race musical instrument also expanded. In this environment, the tradition of folk musical instrument can be carried forward and developed well. The thesis recognizes status of development of folk musical instrument at that time mainly by analyze the inheriting and innovation in Erhu art.Pass to understand the state of development of Erhu art, thesis sort out many interrelated issue such as social context, professional education context, Euhu composition creating context and performance in Erhu art. Pass to research and analyze the typical composition which came forth from "Spring of Shanghai" in 1960s, the thesis summarizes the character of esthetics mind. Enquiring the driving force for development of this kind of art, surveying the internal environment and external environment effect to Erhu art and refer to the current development, the thesis deeply comprehend the issue of inheriting and development in Erhu art.
Keywords/Search Tags:1960s, Erhu composition, inheriting, innovation
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