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Studies On The Cultural Industry Of Zhuzhou In The Development Of The C Hangsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan Urban Complex Towards A Resource-Saving And Environment-Friendly Society

Posted on:2011-02-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Cultural industries as an emerging industry and sunrise industry with broad market space and a huge potential for development, is the objective requirements of adjusting agricultural economic structure and promoting industrial upgrading, is an important measure of a positive response to international financial crisis, is an effective way to strengthen national cultural soft power. With the development of knowledge economy, cultural production will become the region's leading industries; will become a new and important growth point and consumption point of regional economy. Chang-zhu-tan metropolitan area as one of "a source saving-oriented and environment-friendly society" coordinated reforms Pilot area, vigorously develop the cultural industry will rapidly increase the competitiveness of the urban agglomeration. Zhuzhou is an important component of the urban agglomeration, so cultural industry development of Zhuzhou will have a major impact to the development of cultural industries of the urban agglomeration even Hunan province. Therefore, study on development of cultural industry in the backdrop of" a Resource-Saving and Environment-Friendly Society" Zhuzhou is of great practical significance.This paper, on the new historical conditions, conducted a series of analysis and research about Zhuzhou cultural industries.First,in the condition of two type social constructions, we must fully analysis the meaning, background, characteristics, necessity and importance of two type social construction, grasp the opportunities, and so achieve the goals of clearing direction for the development of cultural industries. Second,apart from external factors, Zhuzhou cultural industries rely on deep understanding of present situation of Zhuzhou culture industry development, through the analysis of core group of cultural industries of Zhuzhou, showing the overall development of cultural industries of Zhuzhou and correctly locating it by further analysis of the condition of geography, policy, economy, culture, technology, human resources environment especially the unique cultural environment including the industrial cultural characteristics and the un-duplicate cultural resources in zhuzhou. In addition, making a comparison of cultural industries between zhuzhou and other two city of urban agglomerations--Changsha and Xiangtan to summing up experience the advantage from the two. Last,comminuting of political, economic, cultural, social impact from Chang-zhu-tan metropolitan area" a Resource-Saving and Environment-Friendly Society" to cultural industries of zhuzhou, relying on the new platform, enlarging the effectiveness of the cultural industry of Zhuzhou, balancing and cooperating Government, market and cultural enterprises, tapping the potentialities of cultural industries of zhuzhou from development goals to the development mechanism, displaying superiority prominent characteristic of Zhuzhou, making cultural industries of zhuzhou" greater and stronger" by the way of industrial clusters, etc, creating of green GDP, which contribute to the development of low-carbon economy to enhance the core competitiveness of cultural industries of zhuzhou.
Keywords/Search Tags:development, cultural industries of zhuzhou, a Resource-Saving and Environment-Friendly Society, Chang-zhu-tan
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