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Unscrambling All-round Development Of Human Being In Spacetime Dimension

Posted on:2011-04-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2155360308965328Subject:Marxist philosophy
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The all-round development of human beings is the ultimate object of the social development. The space-time conception is an important part of Marxist system. The paper sets Marx's "all-round development of human beings" theory as the theme and changing in time and space as the clues. Combination of theory and practical way, and more comprehensively, deeply grasp the existence of Marxist theory, "all-round development" theory from the value theory and ontology.Based on the contemporary state of human existence, this paper issues a preliminary excavation and exploration on the comprehensive development of human beings combined with economic, social and current development of science and technology, putting it into time and space longitudinal section and cross section.Marx's "all-round development of" thinking analyzes only in the specific spatial and temporal dimensions to demonstrate the value. From the personal survival of view, time is the existence of the state actively; from social life, however, the time is a measure of social change; from the entire history of mankind, the time is the space of human development.From the time dimension of view, it points out the direction of human development. In modern times, people's free time is increasing as recognition and understanding of the time concept is gradually increasing. View from space dimension, with the depth of people's social interaction and humanized nature, human beings are constantly creating new living and development space. From the space-time dimension to understand the "space-time compression", "virtual space" and other hot spots of contemporary phenomena contributes to the reality and the ideal development of human beings, and provides a theoretical basis for finiteness and infinity; contributes to a better understanding of Marx's "all-round development of human beings" theory; contributes actively to seek the all-round development road.
Keywords/Search Tags:Karl Marx, all-round development of human beings, time, space
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