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The Study Of Some Problems On Network Finance

Posted on:2001-08-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The fast development and widespread aPp1ication of informationtCchnology (IT), especially internet techno[ogy has changed thorougl1ly thecompetihve environment of the survival of enterprises. The operatingmanagement of enterPrises are faced with tI1e severe challenge of IT thus itbrings ttew challenge to the tinancial management of e11terPrises. Dealingwith the cha1lenge, netWork finaIlce will become the new model of financialtnanagemettt of enterPrises. It is based on the most advanced computertCchnology, and netWork tCchnoIogy can realise remote processing,infomation sharing, central mai1agement and decentTa1ized processing andsuPport electronic commerce. Undoubtedly, network finance which pIays anirnPortal1t roIe in the operating management of the infom1ation era is worthstudying. The key of network tinance is the development of its softWare, soI fOcused on the discussion of the software of network finance, incIudil1g itsbasic modet the interfkce of electronic commerce a'1d its requirement ofnetwork struGture and data management. As tO the basic model of networkfinance soforare, I first1y analyzed the value chain of enterprises accordingto the theory of business processing to clarify the 11eeds and requirement ofnetwork finance software. Secondly, I set uP creatively the tot8l smictllre ofmangemeot sotheare under the open netWork environmeot, basing on which[ probed into the relationshiP between it and the netWork finance software;then I forthered the study on the relationship betWeen network flnancesoftware ai1d the infOndion exchange of intemal or extenmI enterPrises.Fhally I made definite its tnain function and systCmatic foal, and obt8thedthe systendic smicture of netWork finance software. MeanwhiIe, l creativeIyput forward the e-business forrface of netWork haoce software and studiedit as the ndpodrit function of netWork finance software's support to remoteprocessing and e-business. Based on the above study, I coniinued tO deIve inthe net smicture of netWork bee softWare and the technical problems ofdata managetnent, main[y theIuding browser/server sthecture, dynamic nettechnology ai1d the aPplication of large data base, data warehOuse, web database itt the fore soforare. Based on the stlldy of netWork fittance software,the author continued to discuss the accounting theory and aPproachessuitable for netWork finance in order to develop the function and role ofnetwork finance.
Keywords/Search Tags:network finance, electronic commerce, BPR, electroniccommerce interface, SCM, CRM, B/S: activity-based cost
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