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Mortgage-Backed Securities In Our Country

Posted on:2002-08-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In our country, initiate innovations are needed for the market potentiality of realestate, explosive expand in house requirement, further improvement in house markeand to develop and reinforce the housing finane, and so moftgage-backed securitiesHided a ideal tool for resolving the problem for those. It is necessary and worableto applying the mortgage securities to propel housing innovaion, although what weare should be attention to the necessary mortgage environment and it's policy are notcompletely fostered. How to overcome the above disadvantae and how to force theinnovaion in the area of mortgage+acked securities are what we should research andresolve.In the issue, the authr believes to force the innovation should be step by stepwith scheme according to actal situaion in our country. The issue divided into fiveparts. The fifSt chapter is ithedwtion. The sununny concept and origin of themortgage-backed securities are presented in this pard. The basic principle'sframnework of the mortgage-backed securities is the second chapter and it includesconnotation, purpose, and essence of the mortgage-backed securities. The neededbase for it, the risk what it will face, the mainly finance tool and the hation to forcethe economy are all represented in the second chapter. A foreign practical operationhas been illustrated in the third chapter. In the next chapter, it has analyzed thenccessity and wohable of mortgage-backed securities incorporating the real conditionof our counny and expound a design of pratical operation in our counny, and in theend of the chapter it also anaiyzed the incoming result unfor two conditions:reimbursement in ahead of time, non-reimbursement in time. In the last chaper, theissue discussed the obstacle and the related policy with the intention to make somevaluable suggestion for academic and practical work.
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