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On The Basis Of Mr.Deng Xiaoping's Answer To The Problems Of The Quantity Of Socialism

Posted on:2002-05-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360032950394Subject:Marxist theory and ideological and political education
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How should socialism be viewed at, and from what angle should it beunderstood? This is a question of significance every socialist must beprimarily concerned with The Marxism regards that every objectivelyexisted things in the universe is the entia of quality and quantity Thesocialist society as a kind of objectively existed social system in reality willinvariably abide by the general laws of evaluation and transformation forthose objectively existed things in the universe In other words, the socialistsystem is unavoidably an entia composed of the two aspects of quality andquantity Deng Xiaoping in the process of answering "what is sociailsm"works up his theory about the essence and the primary stage of socialism,which provides a brand new definition about the prescriptive of quality andquantity in socialism The present work holds that to understand DengXiaoping's explanation of the socialist issues from the angles of quality andquantity is the most important prerequisite for the comprehensive andscientific certainty of Deng's theoryThe Marxism pursues that the acquisition of the quality of things is thebeginning of recognizing it, and the acquisition of its quantity is thecontinuance and deepening of this recognltion There is a dialecticallyunified relationship between the quality and quantity of things. Based onthis understanding, this work evaluates its ideas from three parts:Part Ⅰ. Deng Xiaoping's assurance of socialism from the aspect ofthe quality of things. Through the analysis of Deng's course of explorationand achievement about the prescriptive of the quality of socialism, this partexposes that Deng's theory of the essence of socialism is based on thosepredecessor's exploration of the quality of socialism Through thesummarization of the experience and lessons of the socialist constructionboth at home and abroad, and considering the progressing of times andChina's practice of reform and opening policy Deng Xiaoping is able togeneralize the connotation of the theory of the essence of socialism, anddlscourse upon the fact that the theory of the essence of soclallsm definesthe quallty of soclallsm from the three aspects of productlvlty, productlverelatlonship, and the ultlmate purpose of productlon Followlng thls, partI sums up the character1stlcs of the theory of the essence of soclallsm fromfive po1nts Deng's sclent1fic generallzat1on of the quallty of soclallsmmanages to obtaln lts unlversal1ty, lt glves promlnence tO the super1orlty ofsoclallsm, lncamates the splrlt of llberating thought and being pract1cal andrealistlc; What's more, lt fully expresses socialism's carefulness of humanbeings, manlfesting that the all level presentation of the quality of sociallsmstill requlres a long hlstorical process.Part II' Deng Xiaoping's assurance of soclallsm from the aspect ofthe quantity of things Thrcugh the analysls of Deng's course of exploratlonand fondlon about the prescrlptlve of the quareity of socialism, this partexPoses that Deng's theory of soclalism at lts primary stage inherits thetheory of socialism at its developmental stage by those revolutionaryleaders, and goes on to illustrae that the theory of soclallsm at lts prlmarystage is the new generallzatlon of the quantity of soclalism from the anglesocialist social constmction and hlstorical orientatlon in development Toconclude this part, this work summarizes three characteristics of socialismat its prlmary st8ge: the theory of sociallsm at its primary stage ls ascientlfic system wlth its lntegrlty, thls theory is the sources of fOrce for usto dlstinguish the present soclallsm from other socialism; the theory ofsoclal1sm at lts prlmary stage ls the outcome of soclal practlce, lt ls strongln maneuverabllityPart III Deng Xiaoping's assurance of soclal1sm from the entla ofboth qual1ty and quantlty Thls part malnly lntroduces the dlalectlcallyunlfied relatlonshlp between the theory of the essence of...
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