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A Study On Venture Capital Operation Mechanism

Posted on:2002-10-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X H MaFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360032950433Subject:National Economics
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The venture capital is one of the innovational financial tools which has the resources offund, technique and management. It is also the capital operational way characterized by trans-fering risks and raising the efficiency of capital operation. Rising abruptly and promptly, theventure capital has become an effective means of transformation of technique achievementsand industrialization. It is an important power supporting the development of economy and ad-justment of structure. With deepgoing development of Chinese venture eapital,the relation ofcapital allocation and enterprise corporate governance is more and more important. Peopledon't merely locate the venture capital in the promoter of high - tech enterprises. Therefore,Studying the Venture capital, especially seeing it as a new method of fund allocation, is ofgreat significance.From the point of view of micro finance and operation, this essay divides the operationmechanism of venture capital into threes parts-financing mechanism, investment mechanismand withdrawal mechanism. This essay expounds the mature theories and models abroad andanalyses the peculiarity of chinese venture capital operation in order to probe into how to es-tablish Chinese operation mechanism of the venture capital. Employing theories analysis andpositive analysis, this essay not only introduces the theories of foreign operation mechamism,but also studies the peculiarity of Chinese venture capital operation mechanism.This paper is divided into four parts.The first part is an introduction to the venture capital. Beginning with the defination ofthe venture capital, this part discusses the character of it and the great significance of the de-velopment of Chinese venture capital. Then the paper puts forward the concept of the venturecapital operation mechanism, and according to the general process of the venture capital di-vides it into three sections- financing mechanism, investment mechanism and withdrawalmechanism.The Second part discusses financing mechanism. Taking America for example, the paperintroduces the evolution of the source of the venture fund and compares the character of thefhads soaree Of AInerica,bo and han so as tO expoun that the source Of Vethe haIdW in the periwh and state cowhhons.Then edng at the stage Of Chinse VethecaPital' the H analyes the soaree of Chinese veAn fund in twO aspeCtS Which axe theProbabitity and fhasdrity. Ths pe intIDduces the wiedon fonnS and the eVdrion OfAxnrican venthe eaPtal investment wihon and cpe be fonnS - linited PartnershiP, mist and cMon -- in the asPeCtS Of the cost of taxation, drily Inanagment and en-coumpment and restrichon mecbosm, beily the Ped iwtces the extan be fonnS inChina and Inakes the SUggstion tha the vethe caPtal invebent cOIntwes ed devebeby stages.The thiId mp iNes the mecbosm of inveStInnt. Th8 mp - the IneCha-nism of investInent and itS utiliZation in orna in four asPeCtS. Begindng with be stePs inthe selection of enterprises or items, this pe analyses the Inodd of Synthhcal evalUCation.Then this Pat discusses the enCONment and restrichon mechanism fOr managrs and personnl and the PIDtective clause of venbe caPtal investInent cwtes. Ths mp also ds-thes the means of Wment and SUpewison fOr veM enterprises adapted by Vethe caP-ital investment comPwhes, lasily, this pnd demonshates a case Of be comPan in boPIDvince.The fourth pnd discusses the Hsm of withdIawal. ms ped first e- the im-portan and the drichon of this mechasm and cOInpes four foIm8 of withfor analwingtheir different itheence on vethe eaPital investment co~es and Vethe enterprises. Em-plOving the inveshgation of mere than thirty venbe caPital inve8tInent cowies, this whclePuts fOrwaId the Original views on the meen Inain Channl8 of withihawal and fonnaon andPerfechon of witw Wsm in China.Wis essay has man original view. It adVanes tha there are Inain be soms Of ven-ler fUnd in China -- govemmnt, enterprises and...
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