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Improve Non-spot Super Vision In Present Financial Situation

Posted on:2002-11-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the financial business developing quickly in our country, it becomes a significant problem in financial field that how to improve supervision for financial itidustry. Non-spot supervision is basic way of financial supervision and plays a import role to defend financial risk. This thesis sets forth the question with three arrangements of ideas that how to improve non-spot supervision in present financial situation. First, this thesis expounds the supervision under new and developing market economy, and emphasizes the viewpoint that the non-spot supervision should be strengthened under new and developing market economy; Secondly, this thesis expounds further the ways which should be adopted to supervisebetterthefinancialoperation.Becausetraditional2financial supervision had defect and not suitable to market economy, present financial supervision should lay particular emphasis on the non-spot supervision. But the non-spot supervision still should be improved to suit market economy development. At last this thesis expounds the question that how to improve the non-spot supervision in our country present situation. According to its characteristic the non-spot supervision could be improved from three sides:improve information publishment .~ bring the forewarning function of non-spot supervision into full playimprove supervision index.
Keywords/Search Tags:financial industry, financial supervision institution, financial risk, non-spot supervision, information publishment, forewarning function, supervision index
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