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The Study Of Risk Management Of Chinese Commercial Bank

Posted on:2002-07-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G Y YinFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360062475730Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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Banking is the most important part of financial system. It plays the function that can't be replaced in the whole social economy. But the management of the commercial banks couldn't perfectly safe at all. Because of the specific characteristics of its service object, the complex characteristics of its managerial field, it would face all kinds of risk during the management process. Thus the existing risk will threaten the benefit of the commercial banks, other related people and even the stability of our country and society. Therefore, commercial banks should make strong measures to avoid and solve the risk. The paper began from the management of commercial banks, combined its' interior environment and external environment, analyzed the risk condition that commercial banks are just facing and the reason that the risk formed. From the analogous analysis in risk management of the Chinese and western commercial banks, I seek the way of our commercial bank' risk management The paper included the following five parts:1 .Introduction. This part mainly introduced the reason of writing the paper, studying situation of risk management theory and my paper's main point and the way of thinking.2.Risk of commercial banks and study of risk management This part introduced the theoretical interpretation on commercial banks' risk in financial studying area, described the characteristics of commercial banks' risk and types of banks' risk.3.The characteristics of the Western commercial banks' risk management and new exploring development This part mainly introduced the new characteristics of the Western commercial banks risk and adapted new characteristics of risk management and their exploring development on avoiding and solving the risk.4.The formed reason and expression of Chinese commercial banks' risk. This part analyzed the formed reason of Chinese commercial banks' risk from the macroscopic and microcosmic view, including financial policy trap, the mistake on leading and supervising monetary policy of the Central Bank, the systematic reason, the interior reason of banks.5. The main way of the Chinese commercial banks risk management Combining the management achievement with existing questions of Chinese commercial banks' risk, my paper put forward the system of directed risk management that made the credit risk management as its principal part...
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