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The Comparative Research On The Legal Problems Of The Supervision Over Insurance Industry

Posted on:2002-03-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G XiaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360062480151Subject:International Law
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With the development of the construction of socialist market economy, the insurance industry in our country is developing at an astonishing high speed. As china joins the WTO, the competition in insurance industry in China will get even more fierce. So we must pay great attention to strengthening the construction of legal system for standardizing the insurance market order.This thesis demonstrates the law supervision for insurance industry in four aspects: First basing on the further study of the basic theory of the law supervision for the insurance market, the author discusses serial problems such as the concept, the rule, the aim, the legal basis and the necessity of the law supervision for insurance market and so on. Secondly, after analyzing and comparing with the legislation and the mode of supervision for insurance markets in main developed countries such as USA, UK, Japan, Germany, the author concludes and comments with practices and the developing tread of legal system of supervision for international insurance industry in order to get the reference for strengthening legal system of supervision in China. Thirdly, having reviewed the developing course of the insurance market in China and the course of the supervision of the legal system, the author analyses the basic cause of various problems existing in the present insurance market and especially points out the weak link in the supervision of legal system of insurance industry in China. Fourthly, the author suggests some relative policies should be formulated to strengthen and perfect the supervision of legal system for insurance industry in China In this part of the thesis, the author tries to study how to perfect the legislation of the insurance and set up the legal system of insurance in China and also strengthen and perfect the supervisory functions of the insurance supervisory organization and speed up the basic construction of insurance supervision and perfect the inside control system in insurance enterprises to promote the insurance supervision by giving full play toself-control mechanism.
Keywords/Search Tags:Insurance Industry, Legal supervision, Supervisory goal, International comparison, Legal countermeasure
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