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Research On The Development Of China's Grassland Husbandry

Posted on:2003-01-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C M YuanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360062986043Subject:Agricultural economic management
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6 billion acres of natural grassland, which occupy 41% of our territory, is the largest on-land ecological system in China. The construction of grassland is related to ecological issue of national economy and sustainable development; it is also related to economic issue of increasing farmers" income, agricultural development and balanced development of national economy; and it is related to social issue of national unity and frontier security.For a long time, due to lack of adequate auareness about the importance of grassland, irrelevant policies severely damaged grassland, which drag its development behind. Grassland degradation, desertification, basification pose great threat on ecological balance. Slow development of grassland husbandry cause imbalance in our agricultural structure.So, exploiting and utilizing grassland appropriately, developing grassland husbandry is an important issue in our current economic and agricultural development. Western Development Strategy carries out the policies of "Grain for Green", and the strategic adjustment of agricultural structure bring forth unique opportunities to grassland husbandry development. Through the analyses of grassland husbandry development, this article suggests concrete measures and solution.Chapter one is the theoretical analysis of China's grassland husbandry devetopment. Ample knovvledge of its characters is a prerequisite for the smooth production of grassland husbandry. The intertvvining of natural reproduction and economic reproduction is the fundamental character of grassland husbandry.In the light of the entire national economv, as grassland is more adaptable than \\oods in cold and dry environment, it holds its irreplaceable position in maintaining ecological balance.Chapter two is the analvsis of status quo of China's grassland husbandrv.Chapter three analyses existing problems and their causes. The underlying cause is the deficiencv of grassland property rights svstem. According to institutional economics, clear separation of propertv rights is cfitical to the efficiency of resources allocation and market operation. The back\vardness of R&D and diffusion system is the fundamental cause of low productivitv. The contradiction between small production and huge market is the sourcc of low earnings. Furthermore, an extremely important factor, vvhich restrains grassland husbandrv development, is inadequate demand.Chapter four offers suggestions on developing grassland husbandrv. Follovvingthe road of marketization is the fundamental way to increase produetivitv and economic returns. However, according to economic theory, market is rio panacea. and there is market failure. Thus. in the process of grassland husbandry development. the role of government rests on eliminating externalities, providing public goods, reforming the property rights system. increasing science and technology input, improving technology diffusion svstem. laying out policies and regulations...
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