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On The Agglomerative Space Of Growth Pole & Innovation

Posted on:2003-01-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360062990507Subject:Philosophy of science and technology
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With the performance of the Great Development of Western Regions,great innovation has taken place in China economy society,bringing more concern on the economic growth of backward regions.The fact that dualistic space structure exists in these less developed regions determines the development of economy which should rely on the adoptment of unbalanced development strategy.This thesis carries out the research following the logic of what is the growth pole in economic development of backward regions.The development of regional economy essentially depends on the growth of enterprises in the region.The reason why the economy in backward regions falls behind developed regions since the reform and opening-up is that the enterprises there.such as township enterprises.joint venture.coorperative venture and foreign wholly-owned venture ,develop deficiently .Thus.backward regions should stress the development of medium-signed and small enterprises and learn experience and lessons in this field from developed areas .driving consciously the agglomeration of medium-signed and small enterprises into industrial districts .This paper analyses three problems by means of technology innovation theory and transaction costs theory :first,the development of medium-signed and small enterprises industrial districts ;second,the relationship between industrial districts and regional economy.last.hovv to speeden the development of industrial districts in backward regions.We conclude through the research on the above-mentioned problemsrsuch industrial districts result in the incentive and promotion on technology innovation as well as the reduce of trading cost .So backward regions should strengthen the construction of such industrial districts so as to promote the competitive forces of medium-signed and small enterprises into characteristic industrial groups with international and domestic competitive forces.Meantime they should turn medium-signed and small enterprises to be the growth pole of regional economy development ,thus driving the economy growth in central cities to speeden the urbanization of backward regions.To sum up,the logic of this thesisresearch can be illustrated as follows: medium-signed and small enterprises-* industrial districts of medium-signed and small enterprises-* central cities...
Keywords/Search Tags:growth,pole,technology innovation,transaction costs,industrial,districts of medium-signed & small enterprises, agglomerativespace, central cities
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