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Researching On Logistics Management And Logistics Integration Of Fengshen Corporation

Posted on:2003-07-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L X XiaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360065455152Subject:Business Administration
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As economic globalization speeding up, to gain competition advantage enterprises must re-distribute and utilize resources globally, strengthen management, and lower costs. Modern logistics management can improve the basic of our country's production management level, and will be "the 3r profit resource" . So more and more enterprises not only put eyes on logistics domain, but also focus on the activities of logistics. Logistics has been oriented as a kind of strategic power.America and Japan is the representative of western countries, logistics research enters the stage of development in depth of logistics theory and practice. Logistics will be developed as industry of one country with pulling effective. Logistics just started in China, the theory of logistics is still immature, and there are not many enterprises succeed in operating logistics. We must utilize the advanced theory of foreign countries, and base on the actual situation of our country. Then theory connects with practice together.Through researching and analyzing the logistics technology of China and other countries in the first three chapters of this article, theoretically shows the basic concept of logistics, the development process, and the design & technical analysis of logistics system. In chapter 4, detailed introduces the factual logistics situation of Fengshen(Motor) Corporation. Integrates the internal resources of Fengshen (Motor) Corporation effectively, utilized logistics theory to analyze the inside problems of its logistics system. Then find countermeasures and ways to reorganize and redesign the routines and transportation system of logistics system. And, develops containerization by units, storage & transportation appliance by standards, and activities of the 3rd party logistics. And bases on modern logistics developing trend discussing logistics and innovation of Fengshen(Motor) Corporation. By utilizing new method of account settling, can get win-win strategy.Through operating this program, inventory can be reduced by 15% - 30%, and cost can save 6 million RMB annually. This article will provide lessons to help domestic auto works to implement modern logistics management.
Keywords/Search Tags:Logistics Management, Fengshen(Motor) Corporation, Integration
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