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Research On The Problem Of Water Resource Operation In Irrigation District By Pumping The Yellow River Water Of Phase Ⅱ Donglei Irrigation Project

Posted on:2003-04-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360092465315Subject:Business Administration
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The irrigation engineering by Pumping the Yellow River Water of Phase II Donglei Irrigation Project is a irrigation engineering by stage pumping water with high lift and large flow, it is low in efficiency, high in energy consumption and high in irrigation cost, thus, leading to low engineering irrigation efficiency. In order to improve irrigation efficiency in the irrigation district by pumping water, water resources in the system of water storage, water diversion and water pumping engineering in forming pump stations and irrigation district have been optimally operated hi accordance with the features in the irrigation district, so as to achieve optimal water resources operation in each sub-irrigation system with the minimum operation cost to obtain maximum irrigation efficiency.Donglei Irrigation District by Pumping Yellow River Water consists of 10 sub-irrigation districts, of which 7 irrigation districts obtain the water by pumping stations spreading over the main irrigation canals; The rest of three irrigation districts gain the water from the gravity flow irrigation districts, In the close combination with the features of Donglei Irrigation Districts by Pumping the Yellow River Water in Phase II Irrigation Project, this paper firstly deals with the problem of water resources operation in the irrigation district, whereby obtaining the optimal combination of pump starting and closing in each pump station of each irrigation district and the optimal water distributing resources in each sub-irrigation district, so as to reduce losses and wastes from abandoned water, expenditures and numbers of pump starts and closes, and save energy consumptions. Secondly, this paper studies the optimal operation method of2water resources of pumping stations and canals. Based on the analysis of such basic information as water resources conditions, distribution of irrigation area, agricultural crop structures, basic features of each pumping station and water-carrying capacity of each canal, the dynamic planning model of water resources optimal operation for irrigation district has been established via serious analysis, calculation and studies in this paper. The optimal mode of water resources operation hi the existing conditions of irrigation district is obtained via the solution of the model. Again, based on the existing water coming resources of the first stage pumping stations of Donglei Irrigation Project by Pumping the Yellow River Water in Phase II, the optimal number combination of pump openings of each pump station is calculated; and eventually, the measures in alignment with water resources operation in each irrigation district of Donglei Irrigation Project by Pumping the Yellow River Water in phase II are studied; and also the corresponding suggestions concerning the management of water resources operation of each irrigation district are presented hi this paper.The research achievements hi this paper will provide the reliable basis and method of scientific operation of water resources of Donglei Irrigation Project by Pumping the Yellow Water hi Phase II , and also are of important reference values to water resources operation of the similar water works.
Keywords/Search Tags:water resources, optimal water resources operation, operational management, irrigation district, stage pumping stations
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