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Study On Countermeasure Of Electricity Marketing Promotion To Heavy Energy-Consuming Eonsuming Enterprises In Chongqing

Posted on:2003-06-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y S ShuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360092465965Subject:Electrical engineering
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As the presentation of power supply beyond command in our country, local power departments adopt the power demand-side management technology to research market promotion strategy to some extent. The emphasis is put on market promotion for heavy energy-consumption enterprises. But power consumption in each power bureau is different. According to situation in Chongqing, the author uses for reference of the experience about the relative problems in other areas, then do the research of market promotion countermeasure for heavy energy-consumption enterprises.The thesis is based on analysis of power consumption status, living space, power utilization potential and enduring ability of electricity price. Applying base theory and method of power demand-side management technology, modern marketing promotion, economics, accountancy, combining new concept and new theory about power production management, the thesis brings forward marketing promotion countermeasure for heavy energy-consumption enterprises in Chongqing. The primary work and conclusion are as follows:Firstly, the thesis puts emphases on industry market after doing whole analysis on power selling market in Chongqing. The analysis shows that the situation of shorting power resource has been relaxed since 1997. Demand and supply get balanced. Seller's market is transiting to buyer's market. By Sep. 1998, buyer's market has completely formed; The average load rate of the power system is declining, and difference between apex and vale is becoming larger and larger; Power consumption increase rate in industry is dropping, and it is far lower than that of society power consumption. The proportion to whole society power consumption is falling.Secondly, the thesis analyzes the power consumption character, status of heavy energy consumption, living space, and power consumption potential. It shows that the power consumption has descended sharply since 1996, the living space has become smaller and smaller, but power consumption potential is still large.Thirdly, analysis on model of power demand-side price and power consumption potential of heavy energy-consumption shows that appropriate adjustment of power price can really do good to both side of supplier and demander.Fourthly, calculation and analysis on electricity price enduring ability and target market price shows that: Market price should be within consumer's ability. Then find out the balance point between supplier side price and consumer side price.Fifthly, through serials of analysis, the author brings forward the following marketing promotion countermeasures for heavy energy-consuming enterprises in Chongqing, uses them in practice and the result is good.a) The way of treating different heavy energy-consumption enterprises should be different.b) Try to put heavy energy-consumption enterprise in special line. c) Implement preferential price policy for part that beyond the base electricity quantity.d) Try to reduce additional charge collected by country and local government.e) Try to regulate the price relations in price structure.
Keywords/Search Tags:power demand-side management, heavy energy-consumption enterprises, and marketing promotion countermeasure
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