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The Research On Key Technologies Of Quality System Informational Management System

Posted on:2003-09-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360092475172Subject:Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation
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Quality is the eternal theme of the enterprise.Nowadays, quality has become the most powerful strategic weapon to survive and win in the international competition. Successively developed from Quality Inspection, Statistic Quality Control and Total Quality Management, quality management has run to the Standard Quality Management. At present, it is the hot point to establish the Quality Management System (QMS) with ISO9000 Standard,accordingly to promote the quality management and to advance the product quality and customer's satisfaction. At the same time, the application of computers in quality management field is highlighted all over the world, and it is also regarded as the important means to boost the efficiency of quality management in enterprises.The very core of the ISO9000: 2000 is the quality management with process approach. However, this standard only provides the framework of the QMS process mode, and is short of any suggestions or offers of relevant supporting technologies. Furthermore, in the current quality information management system, there exist the following problems: irrelevancy to QMS, lack of information collection for QMS and great dependence on organization and operation. In order to solve these problems, this thesis brings forward a new way: Quality System Informational Management System(QSIMS).Based on the management of the process network structure in QMS, with computer and database technology as the tool, QSIMS collects, stores, arranges and analyzes the quality information in process network to supervise and control the process of QMS, so that the information support can be obtained for the efficient function and continuous improvement of QMS. Two key technologies are studied in this thesis: the identification and expression of the QMS process, and the quality information management based on process.First of all, with the relative theories and methods, this thesis provides the identification model of QMS process. With the model, this thesis raises an approach, which decomposing QMS process from up to bottom and composing enterprise function action network from bottom to up. Meanwhile, the computer expression and storage for the identification result of QMS process are also studied. Then, on the base of identification, the input, storage and query of quality information are combined withaction to form the quality information management system based on process. Afterwards, the author analyzes the characteristics, framework and advantages of this kind of quality information management system. Furthermore, with examples, this thesis discusses the realization of quality information management based on process in QSIMS.Finally, with the two key technologies above, this thesis analyzes the total design and implementation of QSIMS with the example of CYY-QSIMS in Oil Technology Research Institute.
Keywords/Search Tags:Quality Management System, Process Approach, Process Identification, Quality Information Management
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