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Theoretical And Method Research On Financial Market Risk

Posted on:2004-07-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since 1952 when Markowitz, his Apprentice Sharp and others, established investment portfolio and CAPM model using the analysis frame of taking variance as the market risk, the theoretical workers of financial circle have gone on for this field of financial market risk that estimate and manage, is a lot of and unremitting to explore. Along with economic globalization and the finance of our country trade deepen development continuously, on the one hand, the fluctuation of financial market is aggravated continuously, financial product the risk structure of place implication more and more complex; On the other hand financial market position unceasing rising and the role in economic operation, the fictitious level of global economic operation rises continuously, the operation of each kind of enterprise rely on financial market more, financial market risk more and more becomes the one of major financial risk that financial enterprise and masses of investor are faced with. This paper has studied emphatically that the tolerance method this financial market risk of financial market risk is basic as managing with key field. The risk claimed denotes fluctuation or the uncertainty of future result. Financial market risk, because of the fluctuation of financial market factor (such as interest rate, exchange rate and share price) the financial asset that caused for economy participates in the main price with opposite expectation change. If say that the concept of financial market risk and the source that produces have been grasped by a lot of persons, the chief task that leaves is to want its quantification in order to realize effective management. This paper has carried out relatively thorough analysis after looking back and summarizing the various method and train of thought that forefathers estimate for financial market risk, for the good shortcoming of various relevant risk tolerance theories, system has elaborated the view of self for these tolerance methods. Then on the foundation of the newest accomplishment that combines in last few years domestic and international scholar in this field research have put forward in current stage with the future that can be foreseen, how to, using these advanced theories, for the various financial market risks of our country, realize the effective risk, that accords with the national conditions of our country manage.
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