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The Land Market And Land Price System In The Urban And Rural Area In China

Posted on:2004-07-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360092496317Subject:Land Resource Management
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Analyzing the evolvement and development of the rural and urban land market and land institution in China; studying the present situation of the rural and urban land market also, this paper show that the urban land market has been established already with its corresponding land price system. In the country the farmland and construction land have being on the move without governmental permission, which embody the land market has been established externally. Whereas the institutional and political validation absent on the shifting of the collective land, which keep the corresponding land price system from founding in the rural area. A conclusion can be drawn that the land market in the rural area and the urban area in our country are dissevered by the faulty land right system and the binary economic structure engendered due to the history cause.Such land institution lead to many problems in the land resource allocation. Firstly , the land in the rural area should shift , in order to meet the need of the urbanization, the development of the group enterprise and the change of labor structure in the rural area, but there are obstructions in the legal system , which lead to farmland and construction land shifting illegally. Secondly the right of collectivity and farmer are damaged owe to the faulty land right system. Thirdly, the national interest float while the transferred land traded in the market illegally. And the land price system is also dissevered between the rural and urban area, the price of the farmland and the construction land are not normative scientifically.This paper use transaction cost theory , property right economics theory and institutional change theory to analyze the present land market system and land right institution in our country . The conclusions show that it is essential to change the land institution in both rural and urban area responding to the change of the economic and social institution. And a uniform land market should be established and land price system as well. Keep the proprietor have integrated land right while keep the country get the final power to administrate land resource.
Keywords/Search Tags:land market, land price system, land right, institutional change
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