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Research On The Prompting Mechanism And Method In The Manpower Resource Management Of State-Owned Enterprises

Posted on:2004-04-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y C HaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360092496511Subject:Oil and Natural Gas Engineering
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after we entering WTO, market admittance and opening extent will greatly improved. Facing the severe phenomena of the able-person outflow in the slate-owned enterprises, seek and establish a kind of Prompting mechanism and method is the urgent task of the state-owned enterprises reform. The author put forward detail advice:First: the prompting pattern for the common stuff should stress: Take care of the development of the stuff career , make the stuff to realize his own value and make them have strong spirit power the scientific valuable system is the only standard for the salary and development of the stuff. We should carry out heallhy management which is careful and trust. Method: we may establish system of salary share. Immaterial cultural treatment can prompt the increment of the stuff, it is the capital of the culture prize on purpose at the same time establish the system of annually check to encourage the stuff to work harder and harder.Second : the prompting pattern for the scientific stuff should stress: We should use the police to keep them back by more dimension of the prompting system ; The spirit demand has great effect to realize "career keeps them back ";Establish opening channel to realize "emotion keeps them back"; And by provide all sorts of chance of communication and cultivation to realize "treatment keeps them back". Method : we can adopt "in hock development mechanism "; Use the "give after comment " "comment after give " to encourage the person who works very good in practice but with lower diploma. Give sufficient room and time for the scientific stuff, encourage them to pursue the research item which they have great interest in . We adopt the backside guarantee system for the scientific stuff who failed in the item research. And we take back the stock right from the person which is out of work initiatively or fired by the enterprise.Third : the prompting pattern for the employees of the state-owned enterprises: Emphases on establishing the manager market mechanism for the employees of the state-owned enterprises, it includes: the mechanism of manager market choice, the mechanism of justice market evaluation the mechanism of perfect supervise and restriction the mechanism of more dimension comprehensive prompting and the good policy law environment which is benefit for the enterpriser provided by the government. Method: we should establish the mechanism of labor salary consist with the property salary and risky salary exceed base salary. Adopt the mechanism of profit sharing or taking their bonus by proportion through prolong their tour of duty and item continuum. Study the mechanism which is independent of security market by practicing loan to buy stock and lo guarantee with the stock and house property. Establish the stock-power prompting mechanism by connect the managers salary with the outstanding achievement of the company at the same time.
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