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The Study On The Accounting System For Impairment Of Assets A New Branch Of Financial Accouting

Posted on:2004-03-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The Accounting Standards for the impairment of assets having been officially decreed in different countries, the systematic study on it have much yet to be made. Therefore, out sprouts this thesis which aims to establish an accouting system for the impairment of assets.This paper analyzes the essence of impairment from two aspects and arrives at a conclusion that the impairment of an asset is the carrying amount of an asset which may not be recoverable.In this article, the accouting system for the impairment of assets encompasses two main parts: one is the theorical system and the other is accouting practice.Based on the four theories, the theorical system hi this paper consists of four subsidiary parts, that is, accounting objective, accounting postulates, accounting principles and accounting procedures.In accouting practice part, the thesis compares the Accounting Standards for the impairment of assets, in the framework of International Accounting Standards, Financial Accounting Standards and accounting policies in China. Through comparison, this article argues that the standards for the impairment of assets in our country need improving.Additionally, this paper discusses a series of issues related to the impairment of assets.
Keywords/Search Tags:Impairment of Assets, Account Recoverable, Book Value, Accounting Standards
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