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The Strategic Study Of Our Country's Automobile Enterprise Launching Electronic Commerce

Posted on:2004-09-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z R YinFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360092497849Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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With the rapid development of the Internet technology, foreign automobile enterprises have completed their own information construction basically, built or participated in building the platform of the electronic procurement by which most of accessories and parts are brought online, established network marketing system by which selling auto on the internet is another method of product distribution. So it is, the electronic commercial era of the foreign automobile enterprises has came here.Looking at our domestic automobile enterprises, most of enterprises have not finished building their information management system, electronic procurement of accessories and parts being only during the phase of the experiment, basically not establishing network marketing system and the application of electronic commerce being during the phase of advertisements and marketing on the internet. Compared with the foreign auto enterprises, our auto enterprises that have originally a weaker strength are now behind them on the competition of implementing electronic commerce. With china accession to the WTO, our auto industry will lose the government's protect and have to face the heavy competition of the foreign automobiles. Therefore, to speed up the pace of the information construction and to put electronic commerce into practice become the most important thing of our auto enterprises.The thesis puts forward a strategic scheme of developing electronic commerce according to the present situation of our country's automobile enterprises. The chapter 1 introduces the present situation of foreign and domestic auto enterprises electronic commerce, the chapter 2 presenting ERP which is a information system in the automobile enterprises, strictly speaking, ERP is not in the category of enterprise electronic commerce but the base of implementing it. Only building perfect inner information management system, Can enterprise carry out electronic commerce. There state the basic content ofauto enterprise electronic commercial strategies, the chapter 3 analyzing how to implement the electronic procurement of accessories and parts and to establish the B to B electronic platform between the enterprise and the supplier. Electronic procurement can save costs and cut down stocks of the auto manufacturing, which should the first step of developing our country's auto electronic commerce. The chapter 4 recommends how to launch a network auto store and build the B to C electronic commercial platform facing the final users. The chapter 5 analyzes how to make use of distribution management system to transform original marking methods. The chapter 6 presents how the enterprises should establish customer management system at the network era, which is assistant system that can help enterprises better manage customers and keep the old and develop the new.
Keywords/Search Tags:Electronic commerce, Network store, Electronic procurement, Enterprise Resource Planning, Distribution Resource Planning
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