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Research On The Logistics Management Under The Electronic Commerce Environments

Posted on:2003-05-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X ZhouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360092965988Subject:Technical Economics and Management Studies
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With the rising of E-commerce (EC) technology that mainly consists of Informati- on technologies, the EC technology permeates every aspects of Logistics management. The effect of EC to the Logistics management should not be only regarded as the technology revolution, but the revolution of environment. Therefore, the fourth generation Logistics management-global EC Logistics management has come.In the dissertation, we use graphs to describe the change of low status of Logistics by the influence of EC, analyze the fourth generation of the Logistics circulation mode, and then conclude that the modern Logistics has been changed from chain of the past to net of now.Meanwhile we analyze the new development of the definition, value, functions and features of the fourth generation Logistics management, and build up a mutual relation- ship model between function and value of the Logistics management.By drawing graphs and building formulas we analyze two effects by EC to the strat- gic goal of the fourth generation Logistics management, movement and change, and the mutual function of these two effects. Then present the new strategic goal: search for the equilibrium point of total cost and service quality. And build up the rank order model of strategic goal of Logistics Net. Based on the new strategic goal, we creatively change the service quality to a part of the target function from the restrain condition, and build up relative model of the Logistics Net. We develop the model by drawing into the concept of "Pareto optimality" and use the concepts of feasible set and validation set to analyze the target function.Due to the core competence that guarantees the implementation of strategy, we take the relationship between the core competence and strategy into consideration, and analyze the change of features of core competence in the fourth generation Logistics management and discuss the way to improve the ability of the fourth generation Logistics management.Due to the increased values that have been presented by the service quality in the target function, we build the new value chain of the company that belongs to the Logistics Net by the tools of the value-chain model. Finally, we conclude that the value system of the fourth Logistics appears the state of net.
Keywords/Search Tags:Logistics Management, E-Commerce (EC), Target Function, The Core Competence, Value-Chain
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