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The Aims And Strategies Of State Institutional Reform

Posted on:2003-02-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y L ChengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360092966558Subject:Information Science
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Since the establishment of the people's Republic of China, the formation and development of the institutions in our country have undergone four stages: initiating, developing, stagnating and redeveloping. The institutions play a very important role in our economic development. But with the establishment and consummation of socialist Market economic system, the evils concerning the regulatory and operating systems of state institutions become more and more prominent. For example, those institutions are affected by the government, overstaffed and inefficient. This kind of situation have brought out some unwanted results. The efficacy of the institutions, that is to serve the public, is not fully functioned; people's enthusiasm to take part in the market competition is not aroused and also the burden of state finance and government departments become heavier and heavier. All those things prevented the deepening of report and the development of social economy. So, the institutional reform is imperative.Starting from the definition of the functions of institutions, this paper points out the necessity and possibility of establishing modern institutional systems, such as institutional corporate system, institutional investment system, institutional personnel system, social security system, institutional operating and regulating system etc. At the same time, it emphasizes that the basil way to achieve the reform of state institutional systems is to realize the classification and transformation of those institutions through scientific administration of organizational establishment on the basis of defining the functions of administration, institution and enterprise.
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