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On Strengthen And Improve The Administrative Supervision In Our Country

Posted on:2003-01-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360092966572Subject:Administrative Management
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Administrative Supervision is the activity that supervise administrative department, appointed staff and others' execution in nation law, legislation, policy and decision and also their illegality. It plays the great roles in nation administrative movements; it is the guarantee of efficient and honest administration abide by the law; it is also the important segment of strengthen socialistic legal system. The impacts of administrative supervision includes: accelerate administration obey the law, assert unblocked decree, penance corruption, pledge honesty and probity, improve administrative supervision, promote work efficiency and so on. The fundamental function of it can be divided into two parts: upright execution supervision and efficiency supervision which correlate, interact, and form an honest, efficient supervise institution.With many years' consummation and development, administrative supervision in our country acquired bumper outcomes, and at the same time established a suit of perfect administrative supervise system. However, nowadays our supervision still has problems below: firstly, twofold lead ship by upper section and local government limited the function. Second, neither sound administrative supervises mechanisms, or enough rules to handle and restrict illegality and person concerns. In addition, it is difficult to finalize administration and supervision according to the law. Third, no complete supervise system. There are several problems in leading obligation mechanism, educational preventive mechanism, supervise restrictive mechanism, encourage and penance mechanism. Forth, lack of strength to govern rootstock of corruption. It would rather seek a permanent cure than temporary relief. Fifth, not pay great attention to the importance of efficiency supervision. Single main body, stagnant methods, unsound accusation mechanism, short of specific manipulate canon and regime.To better build socialistic market economy, I present six countermeasures aims for main problems in administrative supervision of our country: first, changing forthcoming twofold lead ship institution into erected system. Second, perfect and consummate our administrative supervise legal system from three parts: precept, consummation, and innovation, and make it detailed, definite and operational. Third, solve questions in leading obligation mechanism, educational preventive mechanism, supervise restrictive mechanism, encourage and penancemechanism; besides, perfect the mechanism. Forth, through assay the reasons of corruption should subjectively heighten the quality of staff, reject putrid of corruption ideas and it is need to objectively finish two tasks. One is consummate authorization system, making careful check of employment. The other is reform administrative institution, precept invoke authority behaviors. Fifth, strengthen efficiency supervision from organize, legal system, machinery establishment, democratized supervision, science evaluation. The sixth and also the last one is carry forward relevant innovation. It need to enhance our administrative supervision through take steps in deepen personnel regime reformation; innovate administrative examine system, financial system; build government procurement, civil servant property supervise regimentation.
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