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Research On The Question Of Settlement Risk In Commercial Bank Of China

Posted on:2003-11-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J MaFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360092970296Subject:Agricultural economic management
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Settlement,is base of hank accounting jobs. What the quality of settlement will be exert,direct effects on the quality of accounting. The appearance of risk in settlement brings about great losses for banks. In recent years,the cases of settlement occurred tend upward. The importance of keeping banks from settlement risks causes the attention of the bank' s relative administrative department and has been one of most,important works for banks to strengthen their internal supervision and management. This thesis conducts an in-depth analysis on settlement risks.In the first,place,discusses the meaning of researching the risks in settlement and the origin and development of settlement,especially,emphasizes that to establish ideas of keeping banks from settlement risks is the base to guard against such risks well.In the second place,comparing the settlement methods home and abroad and giving systematically discussion on them,thus,will be advantageous to the accounts of banks to study and understand the foreign settlement methods.Thirdly,this thesis expounds on the causes and characters of settlement risks home and abroad. All the views are found with analysing a lot of cases and reading many documents,in particular,with my working experiences and practices of more than ten years in bank.Finally,this thesis trys to put forward some strategies on keeping our banks from settlement risks. Guarding against settlement risks is a systematic project which should have well coordination from every department of banks. And this thesis will discuss how to relax and eliminate such risks with internal and external factors and furthermore,propose some detailed and effective measures accordingly in hoping to guide the accounting of banks correctly.
Keywords/Search Tags:business bank, settlement risk, internal supervision, keeping Chinese, bank from settlement risks
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