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Research On Virtual Operation And Its Enlightening To Our Economy

Posted on:2004-05-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360092975941Subject:International Trade
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The business theory is one of hot points of current economic researches, but the virtual operation is a furtherer lesson among the business theory. In practice, more and more enterprise have obtained the decent accomplishment by adopt the form of virtual operation. But people still have lots of unknown things on virtual operation, therefore, urgently need a complete theory frame that explain the substance of virtual operation profoundly.So far, the virtual operation theory is still a very immature theory: (1) the virtual operation theory is in the period of beginning, some fundamental notion (include the " virtual enterprise") did not have the acknowledged define; (2) the virtual operation theory has unsystematic theory, the theories lack of core representative and core standpoint; (3) there is a gap between the virtual operation theory and traditional enterprise theory, current virtual operation theory research primarily interpret the theory in phenomenon describing and analyze it from the management. (4) In actual operation, did not have effective theory guidance in comparison with the tradition operation.This paper is main around following questions steered the search:(l) What is virtual operation? (2) Why the virtual operation appeared? (3) What is the operation model of virtual operation? (4) What different matters should occur in the operating process in comparison with the traditional operation? Should how to deal with it? (5) What realistic meaning that virtual operation search can do to our country economic development? The enterprises of our country how to utilize the virtual operation?A few aspects have creative:(l) with the expense theories and business organization theories, the virtual process have been analyzed;(2) based on the value chain, the model of the virtual operation have been summed up and sorted; (3) The business secret protect and the safeguard of risk occur in the process of virtual operation have certain study; (4) The realistic meaning to our country's economy development have been analyzed.According to analyze the virtual operation notion, model, actual operation...etc systematically and completely with demonstration research method and comparison research method, the comprehension of virtual operation deepened. Some practiced measures have been provided to the virtual process of our country enterprise.
Keywords/Search Tags:virtual operation, virtual enterprise, out sourcing
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