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Research On M&A Risk Of Enterprises

Posted on:2004-09-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q LuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360092981385Subject:Technical Economics and Management
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The numerous positive researches at home and abroad indicate a great deal of risk factors exists in the course of enterprise's M&A, objective reality of them making the behavior course and result of M&A with great uncertainty. In certain cases, if control and do their best or not, these risk factors certainly will cause M&A to fail , thus cause enterprises to suffer the enormous economic losses. So, in order to improve M&A's effect, reduce operating risk, then promote the adjustment of property structural in home, and optimize the disposition of resource, the intensive research of M&A risk of enterprise not only have great theoretical research value but also have extremely far-reaching directive significance in practice.This article, regarding M&A as a kind of enterprise's investment behavior in property right, systematic analyze and identify of the strategy risk at preparing stage, the information risk at trade stage, and the conformity risk after M&A; establishes the multi-factors assessing model of M&A risk of enterprise and multi-goals risk deciding model of M&A risk of enterprise based on grey systematic theory, and proposes the related treating view from the angle of analysis and management of investment project risk by adopting basic principles of investment, risk economics, project risk management, strategic management and system engineering. Furthermore, in view of the concrete practice of enterprise's M&A in home, the article proposes correct positing theeconomic role of government and some suggestions of policy and behavior choosed by government through subjective evaluation and analysis of the function of our country's local government in enterprise's M&A after analysing expression and contributing factors of government's behavior risk. Finally, on the basis of thorough investigation and study, the article gives overall appraisal and complete evaluation of the various risk factors and corresponding managing measures in a tipical case of Qinchuan Machine Group Co. merging Shaanxi Machine Tool Works, and proposes some suggestions and tactic for avoiding all kind of risks from the angle of risk management in enterprise's M&A by using the above mentioned theorical achievement.
Keywords/Search Tags:M&A risk, risk analysis, risk appraisal, risk decision, risk management
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