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Research Of Intangible Assets Valuation Approach In New High-Tech Enterprise

Posted on:2004-10-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y X YuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360092990947Subject:Technical Economics and Management
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The new high-tech industry is the industry that our country develops energetically at the present stage. The intangible assets are not only the economics category that have contacts with market economy, but also the important component of the modem enterprise's capital. Our country is still in the transition period from planned economy to the of socialist market economy, The intangible assets of enterprises are not only the important resource of structural readjustment to the economy and enterprise reform, but also accept the double influence of the government and market for the progress of commoditization and the capitalization the transition economy entrusts. So we are necessary to make the fact and value judgment of the intangible assets of transition economy, especially the intangible assets of new high-tech enterprise, and then define the special function of intangible assets valuation. For this, this thesis sets out from characteristic of intangible assets and theoretical foundation of intangible assets valuation, studies from the normal operation of whole enterprise, and be based on the assumption of running continuously and open market, To make a objective and sound judgment of the intangible assets market value that belongs to the new high-tech enterprise using the AHP. This thesis makes a discussion of a kind of approach.This thesis starts from the characteristic of the intangible assets, has analyzed the limitation that the approach selected in the evaluation process of the intangible assets, On the premise of enterprise's normal running, introduces the cutting whole assets difference approach. Solves a practical problem of intangible assets valuation practice.This thesis puts forward a valuation model to intangible assets valuation and offered a reference that can solve this problemThis thesis adopts WACC combine CAPM model to confirm earning rate, uses AHP approach to confirm the weight, then confirm all kinds of intangible assets value according to their contribution in whole intangible assets, this approach is clear and easy to use.This thesis also has analyzed a case and demonstrated this approach's operation and practicability, the result is more rational and easy to be accepted.
Keywords/Search Tags:intangible assets, valuation the cutting whole assets difference approach, earning rate, AHP approach
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