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Research On Disputes Of The Usage Of The International Practices

Posted on:2004-04-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Research On Disputes Of The Usage Of The International PracticesAlong with the development of the generalization of the world economy > international practices are playing further important and special roles in the transnational economic exchanges.It has been a common trend in the world to accept and use International practices properly. But what are international practices ?how about their nature and statues; Are thy include conflict laws? how to deal with the conflicts among international law, municipal law and international practices; Is "reservation of public order" adaptable to the usage of international practices? The deep meaning of the principle of complementation , etc. There still are lots of disputes in jurisprudence about these problems.This paper is on the research of these on my personal view, divided into four parts:Part one : On the disputes of the basic concept , gives a clear look of what are international practices.Part two : On the possible conflicts among international law 暙 municipal law and international practices , presents settlements in the law usage in the same international economic case.Part three : Suggests to repeal "reservation of public order" in the usage of international practices.Part four : On the principle of complementation and some relative problems.
Keywords/Search Tags:International practices, conflict, Municipal law, International law, Reservation of public order, Principle of complementation
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