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Analyse The Reason For Sino-US Relations In A State Of Turbulence After The Cold War

Posted on:2004-07-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X X KanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360095453812Subject:World History
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After cold war, the relation between China and the United States has not always remained smooth, experiencing many crisises, but it does not rupture in the end . The reasons of this phenomenon lie in many factors. This thesis aims at analyzing the reasons that give rise to this phenomenon in different angles.The thesis consists of the main body of two parts, the conclusion and the references . First of all. the thesis makes brief description of the relation between China and the United States after cold war, providing a historical foundation for the thesis. Then the thesis analyse the reasons which make Sino-U.S.relation turbulent from two sides-the macroscopic and the microcosmic.The macropart is divided into five parts. Part one states that the strategic divergence and similarity between China and the United States is the radical reason that makes the Sino-U.S. relation uneven. Part two expounds the strategy toward China adopted by American rulers is one of the main reasons which make the two countries relation turbulent. Part three states the economic factor of the relation between the two countries is its physical protection. At the same time, it also points out the friction and divergence of the trade of the two countries. Part four expounds that Taiwan plays an important role in Sino-U.S. relation and is its barometer. Part five states that the problem of human rights often brings about some trouble between China and the United states.The micropart is divided into three parts. Part one states how the interest groups affect their government to set down policies toward China. Part two states that congress plays a negative role in the Sino-U.S.relation on the whole. Part three analyse how the negative reports of the American media affect the Sino-U.S relation.Finally, a conclusion is made that it is because there are positive and negative factor both in macro and micro side that the Sino-U.S relation is turbulent.
Keywords/Search Tags:Strategy, Economic factor, Taiwan, Human rights, Interest group, Congress, American media
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