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The Present Condition Of Pastoral Animal Husbandry And Its Sustainable Development In The Sunitezuo Banner

Posted on:2004-05-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Based on the systematic analysis of present production of pastoral animal husbandry, natural conditions, and social economic reality in Sunitezuo Banner, Xilinguole League, the middle term developmental plan was made in order to provide the scientific basis for the sustainable development of pastoral animal husbandry in this Banner.A lot of achievements, such as basic facilities construction, production scale of animal husbandry, adjustment of animal structure, production capability of animal husbandry, production benefit, and environmental construction have been made since Chinese reform, especially, the implementation of West Development Strategy. But there is a distance to the modern animal husbandry, for example, lack of enough bars for livestock, hydrological facilities, feed and forage supply. Therefore, there were overgrazing, grassland deterioration, conflict among water, forage and livestock, lower capacity of resistance to disaster risk, lower net income of animal husbandry in this Banner.The strategy need to be carried out as follows in the future: to strengthen the basic facility construction of animal husbandry in pastoral animal husbandry in order to enhance the capability of resistance to the disaster; to convert the management mode with new technology in animal husbandry; to use the natural grassland rationally and to speed the animal turnover in the market; to enhance the quality of livestock and its products in order to increase the income; to strengthen the grassland environmental construction to promote the balance between forage supply and livestock demand and to keep the sustainability of pastoral animal husbandry.
Keywords/Search Tags:Sunitezuo Banner grassland husbandry, plan, sustainable development.
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