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Analyses Of The Integration Of State-owned Enterprises Into Market Economy

Posted on:2003-04-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z H LuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360095461037Subject:Systems Engineering
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The basic methods of dialectical materialism and system theory have been used to study the problem of the integration of the state-owned enterprises into market economy, and the same problem in China. There are two important parts in the thesis. In the first part, after having analyzed the general movements of market economy and state-owned enterprises, theoretically we conclude that the state-owned enterprises can integrate into market economy, because of the inside contradictions of market economy, the fundamental interests of governments, the developments of state-owned enterprises and social cultural conditions. In the second part, we have researched the same problem in China and found that the problems of the state-owned enterprises of China result from its economic system. According to the first part and Hermann Haken's Synergetics, we put forward a new imagination of economic system and then we study the practical steps to carry it out. Further more, the countermeasures have been made out for the integration of state-owned enterprises into market economy.There are two innovations in our thesis. One of them is the imagination of economic system and we put forward a conception -'the people' s economic committee'. The other one is that we have used and emphasized integral method of system theory to prove the conclusions from four aspects including market economy, government, state-owned enterprises and culture.
Keywords/Search Tags:State-Owned Enterprises, Market Economy, Economic System, Rule China by Law
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