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Distortion And Administration Of Accounting Information

Posted on:2004-09-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y F BaiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360095962410Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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In recent years, a series of accounting falsifications continuously occurred in capital market. Regardless of Anron and AnderSon affairs happened in the U.S. or Ying Guangxia and Zhong Tianqin in our stock market, this phenomenon aroused unprecedented credit crisis towards accounting information. Although during past few years, analysis and researches on the solution of distortion of accounting information from various aspects were made in our theoretical circle, and all kinds of measurements has been brought up, on the whole, the condition of distortion of accounting information hasn' t yet been constraint radically. Based on the relevant meditation and this article put forward its own thinking ways and reference suggestions.The essay is arranged in five chapters, in chapter one, the essay gives the definition of the authenticity of accounting information and discusses the importance and relativity of accounting information, and on this basis the essay further defines the intension of distortion of accounting information.In chapter two, the essay cites some typical cases of distortion of accounting information occurred in China recent years. By analyzing these cases and related materials the essay describes the present situation of distortion of accounting information in China and its four forms of expression in detail. The essay respectively discusses the serious perniciousness distorted accounting information brought to our country and enterprises, economy and social lives and other aspects.In chapter three, the essay analyses the various reasons for distortion of accounting information in China. The essay holds the opinion that the common reason for distorted accounting information in China is due to various unfavorable facts existing in Chinese accounting environment, such as drawbacks of accounting regulations, low qualities of financial accountants, ineffective supervision on accounting and so on. In the point of economics, the essay also try to give the deep reasons of distortion of accounting information, those are principal-agent problems, asymmetric information andcontrol of internal person.In chapter four, The essay analyses the difference and sameness of accounting falsification means between American Corporation and Chinese corporation. Through pondering some quest ions about accounting falsifications in American, the essay referrers to some revelations helpful for administration of the distortion of accounting information in China.Chapter five is the key part of the essay. On the basis of the above mentioned distortion of accounting information and aiming at the reasons of distortion of accounting information, the essay holds that we should carry out comprehensive actions and only by doing so can we solve the problem of distortion of accounting information basically. First, basic accounting work in enterprises should be strengthened and thus the distortion of accounting information can be brought under control in the beginning. Second, great efforts should be made to improve the relevant system of laws and regulations and enforce the laws more strictly, which is the key point to administer distortion of accounting information and thus improve quality of accounting information. Third, efforts should be made to perfect the supervision system and strengthen accounting supervision. This is an effective way to find out and correct distortion of accounting information in time. Meanwhile we should strengthen various supervision on accounting information thus we can efficiently prevent distortion of accounting information. Last, efforts should also be made to perfect incorporate administration structure and strengthen authority restraint mechanism. We should design a set of mechanism in order to provide the managers with encouragements as well as the corresponding containments, and to protect the rights and interests of the owners. This kind of mechanism is the indispensable condition for governing the distortion of accounting information and improvement of the quality if accounting i...
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