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The Research On The Features Of Investment Behaviors Of The Investment Institutions In China

Posted on:2004-08-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360122466111Subject:Political economy
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The investment institutions of a young securities market in China have a brief experience. In a domestic and short-time aspect, investment institutions are regarded as the source of speculation; in a contrary aspest, they're the chief part of the ripe market . With the specializational institution, the securities market becomes the barometer of economics. The function of institution embodying gradually is also proved by real data in this dissertation . Facts will prove that investment institutions' norm and development are the inevitable outcome and essential condition of the securities market's development of China.To supply them some advices for developing healthily and steadily, this dissertation researchs, analyses and compares the present situaton and the features of investment behaviors of the Chinese investment institutions, and their influences to the securities market.The dissertation consists of 5 chapters. It introduces the definition and classification of investment institutions, the ripe theories and strategies of securities investment in chapter 1 and 2. And it emphasizes the important realistic value of investment institutions for the development of the securities market by the different economic significance between investment institutions and personal investors.In chapter 3, on the one hand, to find the disparities and supply some advices, it compar-es the entire circumstance of the Chinese institutions with the international ripe ones longitudinally. On the other hand, it compares the features of investment behaviors of the Chinese various institutions horizontally, and expounds the mutual and personal investment behaviors of them. To provide some references for regulating and developing the institutions, it searches out the subjective and objective reasons for these behaviors from the rising securities market, the law restriction, the source of funds, the evaluating system of achievement and the internal investment policymaking mechanism of the investment institutions in China.Chapter 4 in the dissertation proves the investment institutions' positive impacts for the Ch-inese securities market's development by real data, emphasizes the necessity of developing investment institutions.At last, chapter 5 in the dissertation expounds some considerations for developing invest-ment institutions in china as some references.
Keywords/Search Tags:Investment Institution, Feature of Behavior, Securities Investment, Investment Policy
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