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On Strengthen And Improve The Administrative Supervision System In Our Country

Posted on:2004-08-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Administrative Superintendence is a government organ which exercises rights to superintend not only the state departments' and personnel's work but also their peccancies in performing administrative laws regulations policies and resolutions. Administrative Superintendence is an important guarantee for the state departments and personnel to exercise their rights legally, efficiently, uncorruptedly; it is also an important guarantee to strengthen the socialism legal system. The basic functions of Administrative Superintendence include three aspects: supervise the execution of the law supervise the Tightness in administration , supervise the efficiency in administration. The three functions are interacted and consist of national administative superintendence system.Administative Superintendence plays an important role in promoting legal administration maintaining government orders checkless punishing corruption and ensuring execution the law justly. Administrative Superintendence can also better administrative management and promote work efficiency.After many years development and betterment, our country has developed a set of well-established administrative superintendence system. However, there still exists some problems. 1. There are some lacunas in legislation.2.There lacks interrelated laws and regulations. 3.There are some problems in practice. 4.1n leading system, there exists phenomena of non-separation between Party and Administration. 5.Localism interferes the work of administrative superintendence. 6.The current mechanism of administrative superintendence is not perfect. 7.The purview of administrative superintendence is weak and there lacks necessary supervision. All these problems are caused by a variety of reasons, such as the influence of the traditional and semi-feudal consciousness . the incompleteness of the current mechanism.A conclusion can be drawn on the basis of the above discussion: in order to strengthen and improve the currernt Administrative Superintendence system, we should use the foreign experiences for reference and solve the above-mentioned problems one by one. Firstly, complete the administrative superintendence legislation. Secondly, establish the related laws and regulations. Thirdly, strictly execute various laws and regulations and maintain the unification and dignity of the law. Fourthly, we should practise separation between Party and Administration. Fifthly, establish vertical management system in order to avoid the interference of localism. Sixthly, Perfect the current administative superintendence mechanism. Finally, increase the purview of the administrative superintendence.
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