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Analysis On Reasons Of The Development Of Marketing Combinatorial Theories And The Enlightenment To Chinese Enterprises' Marketing Practice

Posted on:2004-04-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G X YanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360122470224Subject:Industrial Economics
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In historical development for more than 40 years, Marketing combinatorial theories that instruct enterprise practice directly have emerged in an endless stream. 4Ps, 6Ps, 10Ps, 7Ps, 4Cs, 4Rs are active in the academia and business circles. In the contending of the Ps, Cs, Rs, it appears a lot of comparative, even negative viewpoints. Because Marketing combinatorial theories are in the center of Marketing theories, and also the most realistic composition of directive significance. Its confusion understanding doesn't benefit the development of the basic theories of Marketing, and makes a lot of enterprises feel at a loss in practice too. If we want to have an overall and correct understanding on Marketing combinatorial theories, we should understand that in the past 40 years, in which respects have Marketing combinatorial theories changed? According to what logical thread have they developed? What are the final reasons of promoting the development of Marketing combinatorial theories? What enlightenments do we get from the analyses to build Marketing practices in our country?The general thought of the paper is: firstly stating various kinds of Marketing combinatorial theories in the order of time, on this basis, combining the fact that marketing trade means changes from specific trade way to network trade way, then inferring its intrinsic logic of the development of Marketing combinatorial theories, that is the concept that focuses on the short-term relative changes into it that focuses on the long-term relative. Furthermore analyzing decision strength that promotes the development of Marketing combinatorial theories, and finally, combining the conclusions of reason analysis, on the basis of recalling China's marketing practice in almost 20 years, proposingsome suggestions to perfect marketing practices in Chinese enterprises. The main innovations of this paper lie in: flexibility of structure framework and infirmness of controlling with enterprise trade power are the double reasons for promoting the development of Marketing combinatorial theories. And the author proposes two suggestions on building the marketing practices in Chinese enterprises, namely to increase the flexibility of the structure framework of Chinese enterprises and to build and implement all-directional Relation Marketing.
Keywords/Search Tags:Marketing combinatorial theories, Marketing concepts, structure framework, power
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