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On Some Problems Of The System Of A Criminal Witness

Posted on:2004-05-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In Criminal Action, a witness is an important participant. Witness is a kind of important evidence which has a realistic meanings to finding out facts of cases and proper discretion. The article choose the system of criminal witnesses as the object of study, employs the way of comparative research relates analysis of judicial practice, contruse profoundedly conception of witnesses origin and employment of criminal witness, at last based on how to resolve the one pnoblems relating to the system of witnesses in criminal action of our country, puts forward corresponding countermeasures and thoughts. I hope it can provide reference for improvement of the system of criminal witness.In structure, the article can be divided into three parts. The first part probes problems of conception of a criminal witness, capacity of a witness, a privilege of a witness, and so on . The second part probes problems of appearance of a criminal witness, oath of a criminal witness or affirmation, questioning model of a criminal witness, rules of admissibility of witness, and so on from the aspect of practical operation. The third part analyze and interprete the problem, which need to be resolved urgently about the system of a criminal witness now, of disappearance in a court, and presents corresponding resolovement ways.
Keywords/Search Tags:criminal action, a witness, witness, the system
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