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Factors Of America And Japan On Taiwan Issue

Posted on:2004-01-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360122470277Subject:International relations
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Taiwan is an inalienable part of Chinese territory from ancient times. The Taiwan issue is China's civil war legacy. It is a basic foundation of Chinese nation's great rejuvenation to solve the Taiwan issue.The interference of the foreign forces and development of 'Taiwan independence' protagonists are main obstacles of solving the Taiwan issue. Taiwan independence protagonists' is represented by the 'two states' theory' that Lee Ten-hour announced in July 1999 and the 'One state on one side' theory that Chen Shui-bian declared in July 2002, therefore progressive independence of Taiwan momentum was formed. The development of Taiwan independence' protagonists is the result of supports of outside forces, such as U. S.A., Japan, etc. Japanese government announced in October. 1999, Japanese self-defending corps would set out for" succoring refugees" if the Taiwan Straits erupt the war. In April, 2001, President Bush who just appeared on the stage proposed wanting" the military force defending Taiwan jointly", The strategy of America was transformed to so-called "clear" form "fuzzy".The real intention that U.S.A. interferes the Taiwan issue is" containing China with Taiwan", preventing China from challenging the extant order", safeguarding its leading role in Asian-Pacific affairs. Japanese involvement of the Taiwan issue is on the purpose of geopolitics and consideration of "special relation" between Taiwan and Japan. Since the 1996, the security protection system of America and Japan was strengthened progressively, and the alliance of America and Japan was strengthened. Besides, United States and Taiwan develop towards quasi-military alliance direction, too. Taiwan Straits situation appears tense frequently.Unification by peaceful way is set policy of Chinese Government. "Nobody than we hopes and solves the Taiwan issue through the peaceful way even more". Taiwan straits war will damage fundamen-tal interests of China, destroy peace of East Asia stability, touch the interests of the United States and Japan. The peaceful resolution of the Taiwan issue lies in coordinating the interests between China and the United States, China and Japan well."One country, two systems" is the best way to solve the Taiwan issue. After Chen Shui-bian appeared on the stage, he refuses to acknowledge" One China" principle, making the possibility of two sides' political peace talk diminished. But the Asian-Pacific area, especially the two sides' close interaction is forming a kind of new power day by day. Under the overall situation of the strategic stabilities, the development of economy and trade between the two sides will probably take Taiwan issue out of present political deadlock, find a economy-drive, progressive and peaceful solution, which is a choice that benefits more sides.
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