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The Motivation Incentives And Performance Appraisals Design Of Enterprise Staffs

Posted on:2004-04-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360122470445Subject:Business Administration
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Since China's reform and opening, Chinese enterprises has gradually walked on the way of building modem management system. As the core of the HRM, the motivation mechanism and its appraisal system has become the core content of modem company management and the foundation of the enterprise core competency. It is now the base for the company operation. Almost every company wants to set up the highly-efficient, reasonable and sound incentive mechanism, and also expects their planned motivation package can realize its objective, which is to encourage the work involvement and creativity of employees and to complish the enterprise tasks. But the real effect of motivation mechanism in the companies cannot be said to be satisfactory. In the modern management, how to motivate the corporate staffs and evaluate their work performance has become one of the widely noticed research subjects. Because motivation and performance appraisal, which are connected with many factors, are complex to study, the present research results cannot fully satisfy the needs of corporate management.On the basis of the policies of the Party and the Government and the theories of behavior science, human capital, management psychology and industrial organization, this paper analyzed the factors, which influenced the motivation mechanism, including reward, power of control, reputation, market competition and supervisor, Based on the analysis above, the paper divides the persons in an enterprise into 7 catalogues - investors, operators, middle managements, engineering technicians, marketing professionals,working staffs and workers, and put forward their concrete incentive and performance appraisal plans respectively. At last, the paper illustrates the practical applications of the plans with a case of Chongqing GB Group Company.It is hoped that the dissertation can provide some basic ideas, principles, operation rules of motivation mechanism and performance appraisal design for Chinese entrepreneurs and senior managements to promote the modernization of Chinese enterprise management.
Keywords/Search Tags:motivation, incentive mechanism, performance appraisal plan, design
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