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Research On Information Of The Third Party Logistics Distribution Center

Posted on:2005-11-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W Z XieFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360122470872Subject:Transportation planning and management
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The logistics industry in our country is rooted from the conventional logistics. Comparing with advanced countries, our logistics industry has many disadvantages, such as the technology of logistics distributing is out of time, management method is old, the information system of distributing center is poor, and so on. All these problems mentioned above set up an obstacle in the further development of modern logistics in our country.To meet with the requirement of modern logistics, traditional logistics must be separated from manufacture and commerce and finds its way out to the third party logistics (TPL). The soul of modern logistics is that it can be treated as an integrated system and can be run systematicly, automaticly and intelligently. All kinds of technology such as information technique, data base technique and other basic technique plays a very important role in logistics system. The third party logistics is not integer without the support of information system and can't show its advantage either. In a word, information is the only way to the development of the third party logistics. All these themes are just what this paper discussed.This paper introduced the research background and aims firstly. In chapter 2 the paper analyzed the basic concepts and characters of TPL. Then according to the current situation, the paper point out the disadvantages of the current logistics system, so it is necessary to develop the third Party logistics. The current situations of logistics Information were discussed in this chapter also.In chapter 3, the paper analyzed the presupposition and foundation of logistics information. And point out that logistics standardization and BPR play a very important role in the process of logistics information. Chapter 4 was involved in the theme of implement of information system.In chapter 5 and 6, the paper analyzed the method and process of developing an information system through analyzing and designing the information system of a distribution center. The author analyzed the business process of the third party logistics at first. Then discuss the basics step and process of constructing adistribution system, and this process include the analysis of target layout the flow of data, the function and the structure. At last, the author describe the summary design the database design, the logic model design, the network model design, Data Flow Diagram(DFD), Entity-Relationship(E-R), Data Table. And access Web database with ASP technology.
Keywords/Search Tags:Third Party Logistics, Distribution Center, Information, Strategy
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