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The Influential Factor Research On Customer Satisfaction In Medicine Retail Market In Shanghai

Posted on:2005-04-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y L XuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360122471230Subject:Business management
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China joined WTO successfully and the reforms of medical treatment sanitation system, medicine circulation system and medical treatment insure system had been to put in practice. All these make competition incandesce in Chinese medicine retail market. We know that offering a good service is an important measure to gain a customer satisfaction. So to study influence factor of customer satisfaction can help us to understand customer behavior well and it is also important to set down a good market strategy for medicine retail enterprise.Customer loyalty lies on customer satisfaction of medicine retail enterprise. While customer satisfaction lies on customer apperceive quality and customer apperceive quality is made up of total customer apperceive value and total customer apperceive cost. We know that it is influenced by many factors for apperceive quality of customer.By studying domestic and international literature of customer behavior, customer satisfaction and specialty of medicine retail market, the thesis put forward three supposes of customer satisfaction influence factors and put up validate.In the first part of the thesis, sum up three aspects of literature of customer behavior and influence factor, customer satisfaction and medicine retail market in our country.In the second chapter, set forth background, meaning and purpose of studying and then design studying thought and method. In the last, put forward three supposes of influence factor from drugstore management, inside and outside environment and customer prejudiced.The third chapter is research and analysis part. By analyzing customer research questionnaire, the thesis sum up three satisfaction factors of customer from drugstore management, inside and outside environment and customer prejudiced. And to validate three supposes, test notability of customer satisfaction. From the analysis we draw the thesis conclusion. In the drugstore management, employee diathesis, materiality revelation and management strategy are notability influence. In the inside and outside environment, storefront location, price policy and brand public praise are notability influence. In the customer prejudiced, medical treatment service, medical treatment product, medicine brand and medicine safety are notability influence. Other factors are not notability influence.In the last chapter, the thesis sum up studying conclusion and put forward some advice, those are price strategy, merchandise and service strategy, storefront location strategy, sales promotion and employee strategy.On the basis of customer satisfaction index in ACSI index system, the thesis joins influence factor of customer perceive and attitude. Then the thesis validates influence degree of the influence factor. This is the innovation of the thesis.
Keywords/Search Tags:medicine retail market, customer satisfaction, customer behavior, drugstore management effort, inside and outside environment
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