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A Choice Of Medical Security System Models In China

Posted on:2005-09-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G Q XiongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360122487453Subject:Public Management
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For the actual demands of Chinese social medical insurance system reform, by means of the adoption of various kinds of methods such as history analyzing, comparatively analyzing, deduction and reasoning and investigation and statistics analyzing, on the basis of analyzing the generation and development of the medical security system throughout the world as well as the history progress of its reform, the thesis concludes the collective features and the general rule of the construction and development of the medical security system. That means, with the extension of the medical security scope and the gradual improvement of its service level, a medical security system where a basic system occupies first, and which contains multi-system modes, will become the important component among all policy systems all over the country. During the progress of the medical security schemes, by adoption of the rules of conforming to the social and economical development, of exercising the country power to guarantee the practice, diversification, regional features as well as socialization, the four categories of the social security system are classified, such as national welfare, social medical insurance, business medical insurance and saving security. The thesis exposes the theoretical foundations of the social security system in the angles of economics, management, politics and sociology respectively, and analyzes the principles of evaluating the impartiality, efficiency and adaptability, and all economical, social, political, and cultural factors that have the impact on the selection of different modes of the medial security system. With the supplement of the analysis of some individual cases, the thesis reflects the key points and difficult aspects concerning the system planning and operation. In addition, the thesis emphasizes the analysis of the historical conditions for our reform on the social medical insurance system and the primary features and deficiency of our current system, and further puts forward the principle and the tentative plans to rebuild the system modes. With the target to realize the medical security for the masses, a multi-level, open medical security system should be established. Within the operation of the system, the social medical insurance system should be regarded as the principle part, while the medical salvation and business medical insurance will be provided as supplement, thus we will extend the coverage of the social medical insurance, and meet the demands of different classes, provide the basic medical security for the majority of people. With the consideration of the elderly, lower income and feeble groups, a kind of special medial security system should be established as well. Making an overall plan of the development and amalgamation of the dual structure in town and countryside is essential. Furthermore, the thesis studies the constitutions of the social medical insurance structure and the relations, and the exterior factors that affect the implementation of the medical security system such as legislation and relative system reform.
Keywords/Search Tags:social security, medical insurance, scheme reform, public administration, health service
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